What should I expect from the meeting?

The initial meeting, which may last for about 60-90 minutes is usually held at our location but we can also come out and see you if that is more convenient. We can also arrange a Skype chat if you are based outside of Sydney.
During this meeting, one of our creative tech will chat with you about you expect out of the project and thoroughly plan out your new website as per your requirements. The outcome: leave you feeling excited and with a clear plan of what is needed post meeting to get your project moving forward.

What should I think about before the meeting?

While we ensure that we guide you through the entire process, from the start to the launch, we also appreciate if we can have the perspective from your business point of view. Some of the questions we may ask you or the information we would expect of you is as follows:

  1. Why? Why are you looking for a website? Not many digital studios ask this question but this one little thing can explain a whole lot on why you need our help.
  2. Timings – When would you like this website to be launched. This helps us chart out every little details to ensure all targets are managed on time.
  3. Competitors – Are there any competitors or who are they? We would like to see their websites so we know who we are up against.
  4. Pages – How many and what kind of pages you would like in your website?
  5. Key Functionality – What kind of functionality do you need included within your website
  6. Look & Feel – What personality would you like your website to convey? What are your business colours and how much impact you want them on the entire project
  7. Purpose – What is the primary purpose of your new website?
  8. Questions – Are there any questions you would like us to answer? These are the ones you already have prior to the meeting. We know there will be more based on the discussion during the meeting but we are always happy to answer them as well.
What should I bring to the meeting?
  1. Your Logo – Obviously, any or all logo files you have (psd, pdf or ai files preferred)
  2. Existing Website/hosting logins – If you have any existing website, please bring their details
  3. Email address & passwords – Any existing email address(es) or preferred logins for your new email
  4. Social media logins – If you intend to have your social media accounts linked to the website, we would need their details
  5. Images & Content – Bring along any content you already may have so that we can asses and give our feedback/suggestions on their usability.
Step 1: Layout and Structure

Size – The website planning meeting helps discover how many pages and the amount of content is needed to showcase your business.
Pages/Subpages – Our team will run through and decide the number of pages needed that would best suit your business website.
Layout – We will give you a rough layout with the design & flow of your website.
News / Blog – Talk to us about whether a news or a blog would be beneficial for your business.
Gallery – We recommend having a gallery but discuss with us if gallery would amongst the powerful tools you need on your website to showcase your work or services.
Extras – If you have any of our optional extras in mind, we can run through with you about what’s involved to get the best functionality out of your site.

Step 2: Look & Feel

During the website planning meeting, we will discuss the colours, mood and type of imagery that you feel best matches your business. Or if you are unsure, our team will run you through our suggestions to what we think will bring the best flare to your website and liven up your visitors experience.

Step 3: Content & Key Messages

Key focus –  We discuss your business key strategy and core elements in order to prioritise the most effective way of delivering your homepage to your viewers and for google Seo.
Call to actions – We plan how to highlight the best call to action to draw maximum potential clients
Contact Form –  All websites we deliver come with s contact form personalised with your business details. However, we discuss if you need more than one form based on your business needs and their integration throughout the website.
Google Maps –  Unlike others, this is not an optional component and is a part of our package delivery to allow people to find your business.

Step 4: Techy Corner

Domain Names & Emails – We will purchase/arrange transfer of your domain to organise setup of your email & hosting accounts.
Google Analytics – If google analytics is required, we will set that up for you as well get the details of your social media account and discuss the implementation procedure with you.
Cloud Storage –  As soon as the project is activated, we will add you to our customer platforms where you can see the progress of your project, see who is involved, share content for the website or request after sales support, all in one place.
Marketing –  If your business is interested in e-marketing (campaign monitor or mail chimp), our team will collect the login details for those accounts. Alternatively you could subscribe to Proacuity E-Marketing and SMS platform for more value at a lower cost.

Have any questions about the website planning meeting?

Give our friendly team a call or contact us below