Ecommerce Websites


Sell anything from digital products such as music & tickets to shippable items like hang bags, furniture, even houses.

Ecommerce Websites
From $4,500*

* Subject to requirements, project scope & proposal

√ 10 Pages & 10-20 products
√ Custom Website Design
√ Flexible: Add more Pages/Products after Launch
√ Mobile Responsive Design
√ SEO Search Engine Friendly
√ Social Media Integration
√ Private Website Training Session
√ Paypal Setup & Integration
√ Stripe Setup & Integration
√ Email Marketing Integration
√ Wholesaler Pricing & Wishlists
√ Monthly Hosting, Support & Maintenance Plan

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Sell Anything, Anywhere


It doesn’t matter what you are selling or which platform you are selling on, you are always in control. Sell through your website, eBay and facebook and manage all orders from one dashboard.

Proacuity - Bargain Traders Project

Don’t let your competitors leave you behind. Ask us how we can open more sales channels for you and automate your Ecommerce experience.

It’s not just your customers, but you will also love the way you do business. Not only do we enhance the way your customers order, but we target their shopping styles to generate more return on investment. With a responsive design allowing the website to seamlessly operate on any device, there is no reason to lose customers because they could not browse through your website.

Control and power your store with plugins & extensions

Payments & Security

  • Payment Gateways
    The old days of manually processing cards are long gone. With integrated online payments, you can now instantly take payments from your customers online. Our Ecommerce websites integrate with all Major banks worldwide. Not only that, you can also take advantage of PayPal and Stripe payment gateways for all payment processing needs. We will tell you if your bank can or cannot be integrated during our project briefing meeting and alternatives in case your bank cannot be integrated.
  • SSL Certificates
    With an Ecommerce site, it is mandatory for your customers to feel safe while browsing or when they are giving out their personal details. For that, Proacuity will acquire a 256bit encryption Premium SSL certificate from leading vendors such as GeoTrust to ensure that all information is safe and hard to hack into.

Professional Plugins

  • Automation
    Have lots of products but find it tedious to update them all. Use our automation scripts to import CSV files and update products just by clicking of a button.
  • Fast Loading Times
    It doesn't matter how big your store gets or how many products you sell, we harness the power of industry leading cache plugins and image smushing techniques to keep your store load in a reasonable time. Our team also monitors and ensures that your site loads super fast. You may also hear from us with tips on how to keep you store load faster.
  • Product Bundles
    Create highly configurable bundles for the products you sell. This includes products which may be sold in compliment with other items. You can create bundles for physical or virtual products
  • Product Addons
    Create variations and allow your customers to customise the products via checkboxes, drop down menus, file uploads or text boxes. They can now select the size of the product or leave a note in the text box for the note about how they want the product wrapped etc.
  • Checkout Extensions
    Customise the way you take payments. Create Lay-buys, offer free or Paid services at checkout. Even offer various shipping options for standard or expedited deliveries. You can even offer to wrap the gift and place a card with a custom message for your customers.
  • Brands & Labels
    Create popular brands and allow your customers to filter products by their name. Let your customers fulfil their brand-loyal shopping spree with ease.
  • Chained Products
    Sell more by linking products into deals. For example, run different deals on products such as "Buy 1 Get One Free" or Buy 2 and Get 3rd Half Price. Only limitation is your imagination.
  • Up-Sells
    Force similar products to display when the customer views or adds a product. This helps you sell more than one product related to each other. For example, tell them to buy a laptop bag when they view a laptop or especially when they add it to the cart.
  • Pre-Orders
    Don't have the products in stock? Customer are eager to get their hands on a new product yet to be released. Let them pre-order from your site and ship them once available. For example, a new phone or tablet coming out soon or highly anticipated games console or games etc.
  • Product Comparison
    Allow your customers to select multiple product and compare them against each other to find the right product for them. This is recommended for stores that sell similar products such as electronics.
  • Points & Rewards
    Reward your customers with Loyalty programs against their actions or transactions. These points can then be redeemed at their next order. A great tool to keep your customers coming back to your store.
  • Order Tracking
    Allow your customers to track their orders from the time they made the payment till the time it is on it's way via the couriers. Give your customers the peace of mind to keep an eye on where their shipment is.
  • Credit Card Payment Fees
    Don't want to pay for the Amex or Diners charges but still want to accept these cards? Why not add them to the customer charges. You can individual surcharges to all type of cards such as Master, Visa, Amex, Diner and more.
  • Payment Plans
    Allow your customers with different payment options such as deposits, Lay-Buys or offering them a payment plan.
  • Google Product Listing
    Easily push your products to Google merchant store and have them displayed in Google shopping results with ease. We highly recommend this as many people tend to google before they go anywhere else.
  • Waiting List
    Let your customers subscribe to automated updates for out-of-stock products. Once they subscribe, as soon as the product is back in stock, they will receive an update message about it.
  • Facebook Products Listing
    Embed and sell your products via Facebook and using social media by integrating it directly to your website. (SSL Certificate is required)
  • Ebay Listing Management
    Why not go beyond the regular sales medium and integrate your website directly with eBay. Ingest your products on eBay automatically and manage all your eBay orders from your website with ease.

Premium Extensions

  • Cloud Accounting
    Using a cloud accounting software such as Xero/Freshbooks/Quickbooks or MYOB. Integrate with your accounting application to manage all invoices & transactions in one place.
  • Bookings
    Table bookings, time based consultancy or just appointments with clients that require a payment, We can do that for you where your time is worth money, Literally.
  • Subscriptions/Memberships
    Create membership plans, sell products with recurring payments or create prices based on customer groups. For example, certain loyal customers always get 5% off while another group gets X amount off for every Y amount spent.
  • Digital Products
    Sell photos or digital files by creating products that your customers can buy with a blink of an eye.
  • Complex Products
    Create configurable complex products that your customers to can create from different options, and personalise them such as Apparel, customised jewellery or other gift items
  • Tickets & Events
    Sell tickets to your customers directly from your website or event sell charity gala tables with ease.
  • Marketplace
    Have Alibaba or Etsy in mind, create your own marketplace allowing other vendors to sell through your portal for a comission.
  • Online Courses
    Want to create and sell your own online courses with complete student management, lectures, lessons and quizzes. We can make that happen for you.



We have identified all of the essential ingredients that go into a successful business website and have streamlined the process to include everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Custom Website Design
    We put love and care into every website we design to ensure every client has the best possible online presence.
  • Mobile Responsive Designs
    Stylish, feature enriched & mobile device friendly websites will ensue that you quickly and effectively engage with your audience on any device, anytime.
  • SEO Friendly
    All Proacuity Websites are built on the premises that they need to be SEO friendly, designed and implemented around world's most loved website platform Wordpress
  • Social Media Integration
    Our websites allow visitors to share an follow your business via social media. This allows most affordable "Word-of-mouth" marketing. We can also auto-feed your blogs and post your website content to your social media accounts automatically.
  • Stock Images
    We include quality professional stock images to use with your website so you don't need to worry about finding photos.
  • More Pages
    It's easy to add more pages and content to your website after launch to enhance and grow your website. There is no limit to the number of pages you can add.
  • Website Hosting & Support
    Our websites are covered by "ProTact", our fantastic website hosting, support & maintenance plans.
  • Private Training Sessions
    We will train you on how to use your new website so you get the most out of your online business presence.
  • Go Live in 30 Days
    We will have your business up and live in 30 days. If you need to have your business live earlier, we can certainly do that too.
  • Website Security & Backups
    Out dedicated team performs performance checks, upgrades & backups to keep your website up & running online, all the time.
  • Wordpress Specialists
    Team Proacuity are the Wordpress specialists. All our websites are based on this platform regardless of their complexity.
  • Extend & Grow
    We harness the power of Wordpress plugins to extend the functionality. This could be third party plugins or custom built Proacuity plugins only available for our customers.

Why Wait? Speak to us now about our Website Packages and how we can assist in give you the edge above your competitors.